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Gina Pipet, Fabric Designer, Pipet Design

“Hannah! Amazing work! Thank you so much for such a wonderful shoot today. Your hard work and skill was greatly appreciated"  AUGUST 2018

Mark Zych, Senior Art Director, BD Network - Castello
“They all look great as a set. I am super happy with what you have produced; simple, slick and elegant. A relatively simple idea only looks good when care and effort is taken throughout, so thank you"
 JULY 2018

Sue Benson, Managing Director, The Market Creative - Sharps
“It was our pleasure to work with you Hannah! You achieved some of the most beautiful styling we've ever had! And I think you helped keep us sane! Lovely to meet you and we'll definitely be in touch as soon as humanly possible!” SEPTEMBER 2017

Dorina D’Ambrosio, Creative Director, The Market Creative - Sharps
“I absolutely agree, I certainly think the styling was super and working with you was inspiring and clearly kept me sane - looking forward to working with you soon”. SEPTEMBER 2017

Tim Moore, Sales Director, Sharps
“Hannah, we thought everything went really well. Both sets looked excellent. You did a really good job on this”. SEPTEMBER 2017

Tom Clarke, Series Producer, Optomen - Great British Menu, BBC 2
“Thanks so much for all your hard work Hannah. It looked fantastic in there and given our time and money constraints that was clearly no mean feat! Massive pleasure to work with you”. MAY 2017

Duncan Thompson, Director, Optomen - Great British Menu, BBC 2
“Hannah I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over the weekend. The banquet room really did look terrific And everyone was so pleased”. MAY 2017

Nikki Pierce, Director, Petal & Grace Florist
“Thank you Hannah for yesterday! I am so happy with how the shoot came together. It was such a pleasure working with you and thank you so much for making the process so easy and fun!” MAY 2017

Jo Day, Homeowner, Buckinghamshire
“Hannah advised on our recent kitchen re-design. She helped me realise a kitchen doesn't have to be a wall of cupboard doors and I now have my collected ceramics displayed on lovely open shelves. She suggested a colour scheme for the paint and tiles that works perfectly with our existing teal Aga. Finally she suggested lighting I would not have considered and gave me the confidence to go for an edgy mix of pendant lights that are now the focus of a fabulous room”. MARCH 2017

Liv Simove, Homeowner, London
“Hannah’s ability to transform bog-standard rooms into beautiful and unique living spaces is incredible. Her advice on paints and the effects that subtle shade changes can have has made a huge difference to my property, and her expertise has given me the confidence I needed to go for colour schemes and fittings that I otherwise would’ve shied away from. I’m thrilled with what feels like a totally new home!” JANUARY 2017

Tamasyn Gambell, Textiles Designer
“It was really exciting to work with Hannah. She has a real passion and energy and created luxurious room sets which took my designs to new places that I couldn't have imagined. I couldn't be happier with the images we created together. It was really wonderful working with her!” NOVEMBER 2016

Helen Veale, Creative Director, Outline Productions
“Hannah, thanks for doing such a brilliant job yesterday. I loved the beautiful look you put together for us and the fact that you did it at super lightening speed just makes me all the more grateful – It looks amazing! It really was lovely to have the chance to work with you again!” NOVEMBER 2016

Lise Burge, Homeowner, Lewes
“Hannah advised us on our renovation and was fantastic. She has an incredible eye for detail and put forward original style ideas which perfectly matched our spec and budget. Her suggestions for wallpaper, lighting and tiles were particularly successful and we are delighted with the results. We would thoroughly recommend her as a stylist” OCTOBER 2016

Sarah Griffiths, Homeowner, London
“We asked Hannah to help us with styling our new loft conversion. She gave us invaluable advice regarding colour schemes - particularly with ensuring that the floor, walls and furniture all complemented each other. She is friendly, professional and courteous, and importantly she always seemed to work hard to understand the look that we would be happy with rather than imposing a fixed idea/style. We are delighted with our new space!” SEPTEMBER 2016

Anna Keay, Presenter - Restoration of The Year
“First a massive thanks to Hannah for all the time and thought that went into yesterday. She did an amazing job and to have her clear style eye on everything was brilliant” JULY 2016

Sarah Patten, Homeowner - Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke, Channel 4
“Thank you for making our house look so beautiful. We love the furniture! You gave us lots of ideas so thank you. Though I think I might cry when it’s all packed back up! JULY 2016

Frances Jenkins, Homeowner - George Clarke’s Old House New Home, Channel 4
"Thank you so much Hannah for all of your hard work. You have been brilliant and have made our house totally beautiful. There is no way in the world I could have done this, so thanks for all of your amazing ideas and creativity and vision. We love the house. And I think everyone else does too. We've had such amazing feedback from family and friends and complete strangers!!“ JUNE 2016

George Clarke, Presenter - George Clarke’s Old House New Home , Channel 4
"We smashed it! We should all be very proud. To deliver what we did under enormous time pressure is nothing short of incredible. Personally I cannot thank you all enough“ JUNE 2016

Gill Wilson, Head of Features at Channel 4 - George Clarke’s Old House New Home
"Bloody Brilliant. BRILLIANT. It's not every day you get a 10.5 share and beat ITV. In fact it's none days. I'm thrilled for you all. You worked for that and you got it. Bless you Amazing Productions“ JUNE 2016

Joanne Healy, Homeowner - George Clarke’s Old House New Home, Channel 4
"Hannah thank you for all your design advice and input. We are indeed enjoying the kitchen! I can't resist sitting there all the time - I just love it all. And we've had non-stop guests of course.“ MAY 2016

Emily Abbott, Homeowner - George Clarke’s Old House New Home, Channel 4 
"Thank you Hannah for making my house look utterly beautiful!“ APRIL 2016

Dina DeMartini, Supervising Producer - House Hunters International Renovation 
"I never cease to be amazed by Hannah's talent, attitude and grace. She's has an incredible eye and can take a blank white space and transform it into visual magic. I trust her vision implicitly and she makes my job easier. Her gracious personality is a pleasure to work with! “ SEPTEMBER 2015

Sue Nixon, Homeowner - Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke, Channel 4
“I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say how fantastic you made the house look yesterday! You have given us some great ideas to go forward with. You really made the house look beautiful and we will try and recreate it as much as possible. Once again thank you so much!” AUGUST 2015

Stef Wagstaffe, Commissioning Editor, Features at Channel 4 - Married At First Sight
“You have all played a part in getting this achievement to the screen and for that I am genuinely grateful, but special mentions must be made...Hannah Cork who made the weddings so utterly beautiful!” JULY 2015

Becca Sulocki, Homeowner, Sweden - House Hunters International Renovation
“Hannah brought a whole new design angle to the property! She created a unique but deeply personal style for us with our own treasured things. The furniture that Hannah added made the individual spaces make much more sense, alongside her reorganisation of our furniture throughout the house. We will appreciate her incredible eye for detail for many years to come”. JUNE 2015

Peter Brennan, Homeowner, Portugal - House Hunters International Renovation
“We are shocked…shocked in the best of ways! You really made it happen here! We both absolutely love the configuration of the living/dining room. Bedrooms are outstanding and your little touches throughout the apartment are super! We an't thank you enough for everything. The experience, the team and the apartment is way beyond what we had imagined or expected!” JUNE 2015

Amber Lowi, Homeowner, Barcelona - House Hunters International Renovation
“Hannah, thank you so much for all you did for us in the apartment! The flat looked gorgeous and we couldn't be happier” MAY 2015

Lizzie Murray, Production Manager at Tiger Aspect Productions - The Restoration Man, Channel 4
“Hannah has worked on a number of our projects over the last few years, helping contributors put the finishing touches to their properties to get them looking ‘reveal ready’. Hannah always does a wonderful job of styling projects in a way that reflects our contributors’ individual style, consulting closely with them throughout. Her attention to detail is impeccable and even up against the tightest deadlines we always know that when she’s on a project, nothing is left to chance. There will always be a beautifully and comprehensively styled property for us to film when we arrive on reveal day. Hannah is supremely organised, endlessly energetic and I never fail to suffer an acute case of house envy whenever we’ve hired her on a project”. JANUARY 2015

Tricia Harris, Creative Co-Ordinator at Mail Newspapers
“Thanks so much for continuing this wonderful partnership with us and Tesco” AUGUST 2014

Alex Menzies, Deputy Head of Features at Channel 4 - Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free
“I just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in this series of Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free. It’s a very special show. Thanks particularly for all hard work, creativity and enthusiasm that everyone has brought to the production. No one here takes that for granted for one minute” JULY 2014

Sarah Walmsley, Creative Director at Raise The Roof Productions - Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free, Channel 4
“Everyone has worked so incredibly hard on the series and it really shows. The shop looks fantastic, the makes are brilliant, the free furniture you found is astonishing, the contributors were great value and the inspirational homes were…inspiring. All in all the programmes look really slick, from the camera work to the edit, so thank you, thank you, thank you”. JULY 2014

Steffy Marion, Production Manager at Ricochet - Food Unwrapped, Channel 4
“Thanks for everything, the room looks great”. JULY 2014

Penny Tattersall - Tattersall Love for DFS
“Huge thanks, I heard they loved you, and we did too!”. APRIL 2014

Faye Williamson - Blue Rubicon for DFS
“Hannah it was so lovely to meet you too – I think the room looked absolutely brilliant in the end, so thank you so much!” APRIL 2014

Siobhan McVeigh , Writer/Producer - Diabetes UK
”Thanks for making the room look so amazing. The rich detail you created in the room design really makes it work”. APRIL 2014

Felix Clay, Director - Diabetes UK commercial
“Hannah, it was great working with you too and I'll be in touch the next time with pleasure”. APRIL 2014

Arfa Khot, Homeowner - Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free, Channel 4
“Just done with the day and we couldn't wait to tell you……we just love the way things are placed. Thank you both for everything. You guys are the heart of this design. I am sure we will keep admiring every corner for a long time”. FEBRUARY 2014

Lisa McCann, Series Producer at Raise The Roof Productions - Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free, Channel 4
“Absolutely thrilled to have you onboard. Great to be working with you again”. JANUARY 2014

Kath Walker, Homeowner - The Restoration Man, Channel 4
“Hannah, a huge Thank you for all your help in styling our house ready for filming The Restoration Man. I honestly thought it couldn't be done in the time given but your fabulous vision, attention to detail and wonderfully calm nature ensured it all came together beautifully in the end. A real pleasure working with you”. JANUARY 2014

Cassandra Corbett, Production Manager at Leopard Films USA - House Hunters International Renovation 
“Thanks so much for all your help, the homes looked absolutely gorgeous after you had your hands on them. We would love to work with you again!” DECEMBER 2013

Dave Mackay, Series Producer at Ricochet - Mr Drew’s School For Boys, Five 
“Just wanted to say a big thanks for a fantastic job here. Things are going well, and all of the teachers and families are really happy with their surroundings. Thanks so much for working so hard and pulling out all the stops to make it happen”. JULY 2013

Katie Adams, Homeowner, London
“Hannah re-designed our kitchen in 2010 and our lounge in 2012/13. The latter involved removing a wall to create a large open plan living area; opening up a fireplace; specifying bespoke carpentry and lighting; selecting fabrics, paint and carpet; sourcing and managing all relevant trades; and ensuring all our needs were anticipated and met. As our designer, Hannah's visionary ideas have transformed our indoor area. From what was a perfectly functional but slightly cramped, very red, and rather cluttered lounge, she was able to identify quickly how to improve our flat. Her knowledge and aid in finding and selecting tradesmen, and keeping it all on track, was second-to-none. After knocking through part of a wall, and opening up an old chimney, Hannah's selected tradesmen managed the makeover of our living area in a way that was far less stressful than I could have imagined possible. Overall, Hannah has helped create a comfortable, harmonious and airy space that can encompass both the needs of raising small children and our slightly more mature taste for smart decor and furnishings. From conception to completion, Hannah considered our needs in meticulous detail throughout. We are absolutely thrilled with the difference Hannah's ideas have made to our home. She is an exceptional designer, whose great communication, thoughtful nature and conscientious approach have made it a pleasure to work with her”. JUNE 2013

Victoria Moss, Head of Production at Hat Trick Productions - The Agency, Channel 4 
“Thank you Hannah for all your hard work. The set looks great”. JUNE 2013

Konrad Begg, Director - Kyocera commercial 
“Hannah. Didn't get a chance to thank your team. What a great effort pulling that all together in such a short time. Please pass on my best to all involved”. 

Walter Iuzzolino, Creative Director at betty - Ultimate Shopper, Discovery Channel 
“Hannah. Just wanted to thank you again for catapulting yourself into the world of Ultimate Shopper at such short notice and literally turning into our fairy godmother of style 24 hours before the cameras start turning”. MAY 2012

Abigail Ahern, Presenter at betty - Get Your House In Order, Channel 4 
“Hugest thank you again for all your amazing help and support, and for everything you did. I couldn’t have done it without you. Beyond appreciated”. FEBRUARY 2012

Nicky Shales , Producer at Twofour Broadcast - The Hotel Inspector, Five 
“It’s been a real pleasure working with you and I can’t even begin to thank you for the most amazing makeovers you did on our hotels – how you mange to have the vision for the rooms, make them over, stay on budget, run marathons, live at Ikea and keep smiling is beyond me; you’re made of tough stuff Ms Cork and an absolute wonder!” AUGUST 2011

Siobhan Brook, Production Manager at Twofour Broadcast - The Hotel Inspector, Five 
“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with such an organised, efficient and altogether ‘on it’ makeover producer”. AUGUST 2011

Kent Upshon, Series Producer at Twofour Broadcast - The Hotel Inspector, Five 
“Thank you again for your amazing efforts on all the makeovers. See you in Series Nine!” AUGUST 2011

Neil Edwards , Executive Producer at Twofour Broadcast - The Hotel Inspector, Five 
“Thanks Hannah, You’ve been great. It’s been a real pleasure to work with you. You’ve done a brill job. I hope you enjoy your new challenges but will one day return to a twofour production”. AUGUST 2011

Deborah Dunnett, Head of Development at Raise The Roof Productions - Phil’s Secret Agent, Channel 4 
“A massive thank-you for all the hard work and amazing creativity you put into making Secret Agent. The series is better than anyone expected and that we managed to do it with families on such tight budgets is a real credit to you Hannah. The channel are happy with the ratings, Phil is happy with the results, people are talking about it on Twitter - we didn't just make a new series, we made a really good one and for that I am so grateful to you and the rest of the team”. NOVEMBER 2011

Neil Smith , Executive Producer at betty - The Fabulous Baker Brothers, Channel 4 
“Thanks Hannah, you've done an amazing job, recreating a super hip Gloucestershire bakery in deepest Hackney. Very pleased you're staying with us at betty”. NOVEMBER 2011

Liz Warner , CEO at betty - The Fabulous Baker Brothers, Channel 4 
“Just been there tonight and totally agree - rare that a brief is so brilliantly translated”. NOVEMBER 2011

Louise Scriven, Senior Production Manager at Raise The Roof Productions - Empty Homes Giveaway, Channel 4 
“This is BRILLIANT. Can’t thank you enough for what you have achieved”. NOVEMBER 2011

Tom Herbert, Presenter - The Fabulous Baker Brothers, Channel 4 
"Thank you Hannah for creating such an amazing bakery for us to play in". NOVEMBER 2011

Alex Polizzi, Presenter - The Hotel Inspector, Five 
"Hannah, I am absolutely thrilled that we have managed to get you on board again". SEPTEMBER 2010

Ty Pennington, Presenter - Ty's Homes For The Brave 
"Thank you for helping us get it done, and the hours and hours of work. I really do get how hard everyone has to work in order to pull something like this off." SEPTEMBER 2010

Charles Wace, Group Chief Executive at Twofour Broadcast - The Hotel Inspector, Five 
“Hannah, thank you very much for all your hard work. I do hope that we get the chance to work together in the future”. FEBRUARY 2010

Chrissie Butler, Director at IWC Media - Kirstie’s Homemade Home, Channel 4 
“Thanks for letting me hand everything over – it was always nice to know that I didn’t have to worry about anything to do with the house! It was great fun working with you. I think your next project sounds completely mad, but at the same time you’re the most organised, level headed person I think I’ve ever met, so at least they’ve got the right person for the job!” MAY 2010

Andrew Walmsley, Executive Producer, IWC Media - Kirstie’s Homemade Home, Channel 4 
“Hannah, thanks for all your hard work with the contributors, their show is looking great and the house looks lovely”. MAY 2010

Leigh Seaman, Co Executive Producer, TPTV - Ty Pennington’s Homes For The Brave, UKTV 
“We found ourselves facing an impossible deadline during production of Homes for the Brave. Half way through, we realized we were in over our heads trying to finish five houses in five days. But all was saved when Hannah Cork joined the team. Her creativity, efficiency, and outstanding work ethic combined to push us across the finish line with stunning results!” JUNE 2010